Word from the Pastor

...They were very strong structures made of thick, solid stones.  These strongholds were also used for the archers to shoot arrows down at the enemy.  In 2 Corinthians 10:4, Paul uses the term "stronghold" as a metaphor to refer to a false but very strong state of mind or lie from Satan.

Lies about God and about ourselves that we have heard so often that we choose to believe them.  For example: God will not forgive you.  God is angry with you.  God has forsaken you.  You will never be used by God.  You are not really saved and on and on.  So a spiritual stronghold from Satan is an accusation planted in your mind.  A lie or lies we have come to believe.

If we keep listening to his lies, after awhile we begin to believe them.  This allows Satan to have power over our though life.  He doesn't have to posses us:  all he needs is a foothold in our mind to inject lies that constantly twist and turn our thoughts with torment.

The only weapon we have that can stop Satan from building a stronghold in our mind is "The Word of God."  Jesus Himself used the Word of God against Satan when He was tempted by Satan in the Wilderness in Matthew chapter four.  The only way to successfully combat the lies of Satan is to use the Truth of God's Word.  The truth will set you free.  As we read and study God's Word, it will expose the lies of Satan and enable us to pull down any strongholds he may have started to build in us.

So keep your eyes on Jesus who is the Truth.  And remember, your victory has already been won by Jesus.  God Bless You!

Pastor TJ Kroll