Word from the Pastor

of their list of people they do things for.  That's a wrong attitude!  You cannot take proper care of your family and other loved ones or perform your own jobs properly, if you are physically mentally, emotionally, or spiritually unhealthy.  

The psalmist David prayed that he would eat his necessary food and get his necessary sleep.  I think that is a good prayer for us to pray.  I think David was actually praying to maintain balance in all areas of life.  Do all you can do to be physically healthy.  Eat enough healthy food, but don't overeat.  Exercise enough daily to get your heart rate pumping and your muscles working.  Get seven to eight hours of good sleep each night.  Drink plenty of good clean water.  And don't forget to laugh a lot because laughter is like medicine for your soul and body.  Laughter is internal jogging and lifts your spirit.  Work hard, but remember to take time to do some things you enjoy because that will help you stay healthy emotionally.  Get enough of everything, but not too much of anything.  God's will is that you respect yourself enough to take care of yourself and give the world a healthy you.

Let's all put this into practice.  With God as our helper we can be a healthier person and accomplish much for the Kingdom of God.  May you become spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally healthy.

Pastor TJ Kroll